Day 9 #janathon

Saturday is Peterborough #Parkrun

This means I get to stay in bed until 8am.

As we set off for Peterborough the weather couldn’t quite make up its mind but by the time we got there it was beginning to rain.

It went dark and gloomy and as the Parkrun chap done his safety chat the heavens decided to open and well, we all got pretty soaked.

The start was pretty stressful, I don’t like running on the slippery grass so tend to stick to the path, unfortunately when there are 550 odd other enthusiastic runners all wanting to get going it makes for a pretty slow start as you get wedged in and unable to get past until you’re about 300m  down the path and though the first bottle neck bit of a turn.

Once finally through, it does filter out and you have more room until you hit the second bridge.

This is where for some reason people just STOP causing a bit of a pile up. This again causes me stress.

2nd bridge where they all stopped

The rain didn’t help. It was wet cold and it felt like hard work.

But saying that….. I did get another NSV (non scale victory) when my run results came through

So chuffed with this

Not much more I can say….. I could continue to moan about how the stoppers hindered my run, how the weather made it hard or how I wish I’d worn more layers but I won’t.  I got a PB so it doesn’t matter. I will just try and remember for next time!


A good morning.

Oooooo but I have treated myself to a pair of thicker and hopefully warmer tights and a pretty new headband.

Next treat… New runners

Janathon total: 39.48km
PB’s beaten: 1
Chuffness out of 10: 11

4 thoughts on “Day 9 #janathon

  1. madhat2014 January 9, 2016 / 5:46 pm

    I love your graphics

  2. jogonmum January 10, 2016 / 1:21 pm

    Well done!!! Good going!!! xxx

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