Day 17 #janathon


Today I’m afraid I’m having the day off AGAIN from any strenuous activity due to the old lady hip kicking off.

I have, however, been for a walk to the woods with my little lady as she stayed over night while Oliver and Alex aka mum and dad were out with their friends

Violet - Granddaughter 💕💖💕

Violet is slightly obsessed with Billy the Jedi dog and where Billy goes, Violet isn’t far behind.

Little lady on her pony :mrgreen:

Nothing more to say really other than it could turn into a #febathon at this rate providing I can still even run by then

Disappointing end to the week πŸ˜•

Day 16 #janathon

Saturday is #parkrun day and the day I finally get to test my poor old lady hip after 3 frustrating days of no running.

I had everything prepped, flask for our
Coffee to warm us up at the end


and ibuprofen to eat and gel to rub into my old hip before we left


I was all set and eager to go…..

My favourite running buddy 😍

We normally run at Peterborough #parkrun but decided on a change of scenery today and headed off to Rutland Water #parkrun


It was pretty cold when we got there, bandana man (bottom left) was well prepared for the weather including fluffy socks and gloves

It’s a lovely flat course with a straight 2.5 there and back again.

So off we went. Phil needed a fast run as he’s training for a marathon In May so he disappeared very quickly into the crowd and away.

I started off trying to avoid the ice and mud and soon found a comfortable pace.


At around  2.3k I saw Phil on his way back so it was high fives all round. My average pace was the best I’ve done in ages and was all on target for a new PB.

At half way I did my little u-turn making sure I walked it to avoid twisting myself and getting in a pickle.

I carried on. I could still feel my hip but it wasn’t pain, just a little uncomfortable and achy, nothing that told me I needed to stop so I carried on at the pace I was doing…

Best splits for a parkrun....

Then I got to 4k and oh Lordy Lord.
Something didn’t feel right and all of a sudden the muscle round my groin went spazzzzy and all down my right side of my hip too and that was me done. My leg totally seized and the pain was really bad. I simply had to stop. I tried crossing my good led over the front of the dodgy one to stretch it out but nope. Hippy was having none of it. So like a fool I tried to run it out. So wish I hadn’t because within 200metres I had to stop and hobble the rest of the way.

I'm still gutted πŸ˜₯

To say I was upset is an understatement. I was totally gutted and still am.

What made me feel worse and want to cry was everyone running past me saying ‘come on girl, you’re almost there, keep going’ The park runners are such a great bunch of people always trying to support so thank you to those that tried to get me going again

If only I could, I would.

Then round the last little bend I saw Phil and that’s when the tears started. He sat me down on a bench, and after a few minutes regaining my composure and losing a contact lense, he walked me the final 700m or so to the finish line.

I came 138th out of 144 runners with a pretty naff time of 39:22 – still under 40 minutes though so not a total disaster all things considered.

After parkrun it’s our treat to go for breakfast. Today we headed over to Marie’s to take her and the boys with us seeing as she is just down the road in Oakham.

I had a lovely fruit selection with honey and yoghurt while the others dug into a hearty full English.

James... The eldest Grandson 😍

Janathon total: 61.86km
Chances of getting to 62km: None
Hips to replace: 1

Day 15 #janathon

Day 3 of no running….

So, today is day 3 of resting the old lady hip in preparation for tomorrow’s Parkrun where I will see if the resting has done me any good.

Today I went to the gym before work and was jealous of a chappy I saw out running.

I’m amazed at how much I actually miss my morning runs in the quiet streets,  having some rather heated debates with that devil in my head who insists I can’t run any more and the lovely chap who supports me and knows that I can.

Fingers crossed my old hip is okay after parkrun and I can try for a 12k Sunday

Gym activity today consisted of my favourite toy….. The Stepper and my most loathed….. The Cross trainer

15 minutes of misery

I did 15 minutes, level 12 random and I hated every minute of it. I don’t know why I have such an aversion to it, but I find it just winds me up and makes my feet go numb.

I followed that with the stepper and had a blast. I didn’t get a picture but did take a screen shot to remind me of the tune I was listening to

Neon Trees – Everybody Talks


It’s a catchy little number.

Janathon total:
15 minutes X – trainer
10 minutes stepper and 103 floors
2 minute drive there and back