Project365 #27

What can I say? Spent the day at work running round like a nutter, came home and decided that after a fabulos dinner cooked by Phil, we needed munchies so donned my jeans, grabbed my purse and headed out for something delicious!
Before I knew it, I had purchased a yummy fruits of the forest strudle and some Viennese Whirls which Marie had trouble pronouncing, however, with an English teacher in the house she finally got her whirl with a quick lesson on sounding out the letters! Not bad going for a nights work! X

Project365 #24

Had a lovely lay in this morning! Took Billy for a nice long walk to drop off Marie and Amy’s application forms for Tesco and it would seem they’re really cracking on with the road works.
Nothing else to report for today so just have to find a picture to post for day 24!