Day 19 #janathon #plankathon

Day 3 of resting the old lady hip and my morning comprised of coffee, toast and my beautiful daughter snap chatting me a really stunning picture of herself.

Oh my beautiful Amy, she’s my middle child and a twin to her womb buddy Marie.

Amy on the left, Marie on the right

Now then. Amy has curly hair. Very curly hair and all her life has had to tackle it daily to keep it under control.

As a young teen she kept it long and natural…


Then she turned 15 and had it all chopped off 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Amy always does her hair before bed, she has so much of it that those straighteners are her best friend.

It's the hair bear bunch....

Now as a young lady, living in her own flat, working hard to support herself and also at Uni in Leicester she still has those hair days that she knows will make her mumma laugh….. cue today’s snap chat

I adore this nutter 💕💖💕

I do now feel I need to show Amy not looking like she’s been pulled through a hedge backwards… Cue one of mumma’s favourite pictures taken at her womb buddy’s hen weekend


She’s got one very proud mumma.

But that’s enough about her…..

Today’s plankathon results…..


Pretty dismal. Must try harder tomorrow